Signal Person Training
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Signal Person Training Kit

Signal Person 
Training Kit


 We sell you the program, you train your own employees.

SafetyHead has designed a complete training kit for the company that wants to train, evaluate and provide documentation for Signal Persons. Our kits contain the material needed to satisfy OSHA signal person training requirements per the new crane standard, Subpart CC.

Along with the up-to-date training material, SafetyHead provides easy to use “presentation” PowerPoint software that allows the instructor to administer Signal Person safe work practices in digital format. You can easily add any company-specific requirements to our program and make the training more substantive. If there is no access to a computer, projector, or CD-ready player, no worry. The trainer can use the written materials in the kit to provide on-site training. This type of training works well in construction environments. And keep in mind it’s all OSHA-compliant.

Now you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money sending your employees to a 1-2 day course. Simply purchase the program, read the material, and then start your training.


Overall, our Signal Person training kit is easy to use, OSHA-compliant, and cost effective. Search our won't find a better deal...guaranteed!

Training topics in the presentations include:
OSHA requirements...Safe work practices...PPE...Crane dynamics...Crane limitations...Signals...Environmental hazards...and much more



Materials included in the training kit:
Ø  Applicable OSHA standard

Ø  Hand signals chart
Ø  Training reference cards
Ø  Training logs, sign-in
Ø  Instructor’s manual
Ø  Signal person certificates
Ø  Wallet cards
Ø  Written tests & evaluation sheets
Ø presentation
     software to print extra; wallet cards,  
     certificates, hand signal charts, tests etc.

    Train an unlimited amount
    of signal Persons with this

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